The Fever Collective.

01. We are a label, we do.

Selected Work

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Sammontana / Barattolino

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The Moment Before

Nothing Stays

UoED / You

Western Motel

Sara Hartman / Monster Lead
Me Home

Chevrolet /
The Runner

02. We are writers and filmmakers, photographers and cinematographers. Fever is the glue that keep us together.

About Us

The Fever Collective: Borja Larrondo, Director & Photographer
The Fever Collective: Daniel Eceolaza, Director & Writer
The Fever Collective: Luis Guijarro, Cinematographer
03. Our work is the fever that sails our blood. The poetry of the quiet and the light that enters your morning room. The talk of reality and your daily excuses.


Figaro's Wolves

JOURNAL #001 / October 8th 2016

The Fever Collective Journal #001: Figaro's Wolves Cover

Dominik Galizia on his directional debut, those otrageous mid-twenties and dangerous topics

And it starts with film; with passionate, nameless love. It had to. You will lose things along the way, you will lose your focus on mostly anything around you, just because. Your only need will be to see those words move in their own shoes. It’s fleeting lightning, once it is all gone and burnt into a Blu-ray, electrocution while trying to develop that first feature film. It happened in this very room, probably surrounded by the same sounds, probably the smoke has not yet settled and we are still breathing it. It is Neukölln four years ago, Dominik Galizia sits on that table and on that chair furiously hitting the keys of his laptop, furiously coming back home after days of production work, furiously consumes any Japanese flick he can come across. A person obsessed with film whose usual social media profiles read “Will direct for food.” [+]

The Fever Collective Journal #000: Drug Facts Cover

Drug Facts

A .txt from the editors

JOURNAL #000 / October 5th 2016

Never ask a doctor before use: This is not a manifesto but a space to organize our potential and become inspired. The Fever should be handled carefully. Things may happen accidentally: both constant work and procrastination are required. [+]

04. We are all sick, come with us.


Alex Martin
Executive Producer